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is a non-invasive, easy-to-use disposable forehead thermometer that conveniently fits in your pocket purse or glove box and provides a temperature in just seconds so its easier than ever to check for a fever. Made in the USA!

Key features
  • Easy to read: Displays 94F - 104F temperature range, accurate within 1 degree
  • Eco-friendly design: No mercury, no glass, no batteries, latex-free and mylar-free
  • Non-invasive: Ideal for adults, children and babies
  • Travel friendly: Easily fits in rucksack, backpacks, deployable first aid kits
  • Continuous monitoring: Medical grade adhesive allows for monitoring for up to 48 hours
  • Disposable: Designed for single use to minimize risk of contamination

How it works

Instructions for use

  1. Peel thermometer and apply to clean/dry forehead. Color will begin developing within 15 seconds.
  2. Read temperature while still on forehead
  3. Thermometer should be used indoors at room temperature approximately 68F - 86F. Avoid direct sunlight and strong lights when taking readings.
  4. Do not take temperature if individual has been eating, drinking or exercising in the last 30 minutes or just coming in from outdoors
  5. Always consult a physician if fever persists