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Deployable Rugged LCD Monitors

Quite often our users have trouble meeting all the requirements in one unit from one supplier. Since they are designed, engineered and manufactured to your program specifications we can affordably customize them to your exact requirements...or in some cases, design a product from the ground up.

 Rugged Monitors           Rugged Monitors         Rugged Monitors    

These military products are modified to meet specific MIL Specs and can be highly customized versions of our standard COTS products. They are deployed on aircraft, naval surface ships, military vehicles, UAS/UAV ground stations and Coast Guard Cutters. They are installed stand alone, in racks or in transport cases, and more. These deployments are in harsh conditions ranging from extreme cold to extreme heat, high humidity, and water exposure and also subjected to harsh shock and vibration. 

These products offer the military and government contractors inexpensive equipment that is built to withstand everyday use by field personnel. Even though the products are categorized as COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) we use long life cycle industrial grade components with long-term availability so they will not be obsolete by the time your project hits the field and this affords years of spares availability.

Programs and Contractors include:

JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Systems
JIC Joint Intelligence Center
USCG TISCOM Telecommunications & Information Systems Command
USSOC United States Special Operations Command
AIA Air Intelligence Agency
US Army RDECOMM Research, Development and Engineering Command
USAAMCOM US Army Aviation and Missile Command
THAAD Theatre High Altitude Area Defense Missile System
MDA - Missile Defense Agency
USCG Deepwater
JHSV – Joint High Speed Vessels
DCGS-N – Distributed Common Ground System - Navy
• Littoral Combat Ships, Zumwalt DDG/X, Aegis

Lockheed Martin               General Atomics              BAE - UK

General Dynamics             Raytheon                       General Dynamics - UK
Northrop Grumman          BAE - US                        EADS
Boeing                            Harris

Direct customization work with military/government organizations include:

U.S. Army                                British Royal Navy                  CIA
U.S. Navy                                British Royal Army                  FBI
U.S. Air Force                          NATO                                      NSA
U.S. Marines                           Italian Air Force                      U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Coast Guard                    Israel Defense Forces            Spanish Air Force

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