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Rugged UPS systems from SOLTEQ Solutions are an important tool in keeping today’s Critical Mission Systems up and running. Standby, line-interactive and on-line technologies are available to protect your applications.

We offer Tactical Rugged UPS models for every need from Deployable server rooms to Humvee, Air, Sea and Land applications. Tell us what your needs are and we will design a UPS for you and your Deployed Mission.

Standby UPS’s offer low price solution for applications requiring minimal power protection. Line interactive systems offer low grade voltage regulation. On-line UPS’s protect against all types of power problems and are the best choice to protect critical applications which cannot afford downtime. 

A true on-line UPS continuously powers the load while providing both conditioned electrical power and outage protection. On-line UPS's offer complete protection and isolation from all types of power problems. Complete protection includes power conditioning, regulated voltage and frequency, and zero transfer time to battery during utility failure.

True on-line UPS systems are ideally suited for critical data and equipment protection. Of the many advantages to using true on-line UPS technology, the most significant would be the “zero transfer time to battery”. This type of technology does not use a transfer switch, with the load always deriving power from the output inverter during all modes of operation.


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