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Rugged Vehicle Mount Computers

DTI Rugged Tablet PC's offer vehicle mounted tablet computer systems, industrial computer systems and small sunlight readable touch screen lcd displays that are in use around the world in warehouses, factories, oil platforms, commercial vehicles, public service fleets, police cars, taxi cabs, military vehicles and even marine vessels.

DTI offers two core products, the 10.2" Rugged Tablet DTI10A and the 10.2" Rugged Tablet DTI10D. DTI Rugged Tablet PC's can be used as vehicle mounted computers or fixed mount industrial computers and are robust enough for harsh environments.  Both are MIL 810G certified and rated IP65 for water and dust protection.
The DTI 10.2" Rugged Tablet DTI1OA is fully loaded rugged tablet computer that runs on a battery which enables it to be used in or out of a vehicle, it features an Atom processor, plenty of RAM and storage space and a large 10.2" sunlight readable touch screen display.     

The DTI 10.2" Rugged Tablet DTI10D is a feature packed, powerful system that features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, sunlight readable touch screen display and plenty of expansion to allow the addition of third party peripherals.

DTI also offers a unique line of sunlight readable industrial computer monitors which are suitable for vehicle mounting as well as manufacturing and commercial applications.


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