Full Customization including Data, Power, Height, Color


Why Rack Level Shielding?

Flexible Cybersecurity Solution


Our customers design critical systems on the leading edge of technology. Rack shielding provides a flexible shielding solution. TEMPEST servers are often outdated before the system is even live. This solution allows customers to use COTS equipment while providing better security.

Shielded rooms are difficult to install, maintain, and move. These problems are often compounded by multiple remote locations. These shielded racks are easily re-purposed and feature low maintenance costs. Many racks are operational after 15-20 years of everyday use outlasting generations of equipment.


Scale Real Device Testing


A customer desired to implement real device testing across the organization and provide access to key partners. The proprietary and secure nature of work disallowed the use of public real device testing services. The solution had to scale from lab use to datacenter use and support dense installations of mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices.

The customer selected these RF shielded server racks to segregate wireless networks propagating inside the enclosure from ambient environment networks. The solution allowed them to populate a data center with multiple racks without interference or eavesdropping concerns.


                                                         Standards Conformance


RF shielded racks to meet global standards for SIGINT and emanation security.


  • MIL-STD-285

  • MIL-STD-461

  • NSA 94-106

  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (formerly AMSG 720B)

  • NATO Zone 0

  • Canadian CID/09/15A Level I

  • Custom Test Plans for Specific Shielding Applications



  • Light

  • Transportable

  • Low Maintenance Cost

  • -90dB to -100dB Attenuation in Third-party Testing

  • Full Customization including Data, Power, Height, Color

  • Individually Tested by Qualified Professionals

  • Cooling for the Demanding Heat Loads