The Modular SCIF is portable, scalable, and energy-efficient; while providing unmatched structural security. By structural security, we are referring to a hermetically sealed building, container, or room that mitigates environmental threats such as water, humidity, heat, fire, acrid gases, and dust while deterring human threats such as unauthorized entry and vandalism. The field assembled floor, wall, and ceiling panels – the SCIF creates an airtight, waterproof, energy-efficient, “Green”, LEED contributing, scalable, rapidly deployed environments that are assembled independently of all building architecture. The SCIF can be installed as stand-alone structures within a building or as an exterior facility. 

The assemblies are not capital improvements and as such, and in today’s capital tight market, the SCIF provides significant off-balance sheet financial and tax benefits.  “Turnkey” SCIF facilities, which can include the full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and support infrastructure (i.e. generator, UPS, HV/AC, suppression, raised floor, cable distribution, lighting, etc.), can be leased; the entire data center can be treated as an operating versus a capital expense. In addition to mitigating economic risk, the tested and proven assemblies mitigate a host of human and environmental risks including fire, water, heat, dust, humidity, smoke, acrid gases, RF, EMI, theft, vandalism, unauthorized access, explosions, construction hazards, etc.

The factory engineered panels are shipped finished and ready for immediate, on-site installation within eight weeks from receipt of signed drawings. These drawings are generated by a licensed Engineering firm. Because of the rapid panel assembly, the fortress provides secure, speed-to-market advantages; a recent project of approximately 3,000 Ft² was installed within 170 man-hours – 6 days. The lightweight assemblies typically lend 30 to 40 lbs psf to building floor loads. The Modular fortress is an airtight, waterproof, and hermetically sealed, fire and thermal resistant enclosure that mitigates risks while at the same time providing a controlled environment, which delivers immediate operating efficiencies and energy cost savings.