Deployable Edge Network Suite (DENS)

Size – 21.70″ x 14.10″ x 8.90″ (TSA overhead compliant)
Weight – 38lbs
Power – DC: 12-36 VDC AC: 85-264 VAC-47-63hz

• Designed using two separated trusted computers. 1 for secure side and 1 for the unsecured side. 

• Computers – i7 CPU, Cores (Threads): 4(8), 1 Terabyte of storage, 16GB RAM

Trusted Platform Module Version: 2.0 / 3.0

• Designed for use with Viasat KG-250XS or General Dynamics KG-175 encryptor

• Storage for two IP phones or a single TEMPEST phone

• Multi-input (AC and DC) power supply with backup battery run time of 15 minutes

• Black side I/O – 2x WAN, 4x LAN (2 with PoE); 48VDC power for spare router

• Red side I/O – 2x SC type fiber; 2x RJ45 copper with shielded cover

• External (power supply) heat-sink for longer operation with lid closed

• Specifications and weight subject to change

The Mobyl Data Center SR-10 comes equipped with 10 BioDigitalPC® docking stations to form a cohesive, scalable server cluster. The MDC SR-10 comes protected in a rugged case, accompanied by a monitor. The MDC SR -10 monitor is useable in all lighting conditions because of it’s brightness and contrast controls. This design also allows for access to servers without any additional wire connections.

Each BioDigitalPC® in the MDC SR-10 is equipped with three 1 Gb NICs, which allows for a huge networking advantage. Connection to the internet is available through one 1 Gb or two 10 Gb Ethernet ports, capable of redundancy and link aggregation.

When completely scaled out, the MDC-22 allows for 22 BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC Server Cards containing 22 to 88 CPU cores, up to 352GB DDR4 RAM, up to 22TB of onboard ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage, and up to 32TB of optional storage.

The MDC-22 allows for hot swapping the batteries and BioDigitalPC®/MobylPC Server Cards.

The internal batteries will give you up to four hours of scaled out server uptime. Each battery has charging and capacity LED indicators. A 9.7″ LCD screen is available to aid in configuration.

The MDC-C5i is a 30lb. portable data center and cyber,
command, control, communications, and computing
solution holding 10 server cards connected with an
internal L2 switch. The MDC-C5i has multiple options
for connectivity including WiFi, 4/5G LTE with dual-sim
supporting active failover, integrated GPS positioning,
and Satellite/VSAT (optional). Each slot is connected to
an integrated KVM attached to an on-board 15” monitor
and allows for use of up to 4 USB devices. Each unit
has 2×10 Gb SFP+, 1×1 Gb SWMGT, 1×1 Gb AUX, 1×1 Gb
PWR MGT, 8×1 Gb POE. Made in the USA.